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Project Management & Consulting
Project Management & Consulting

Having over 25 years experience in specialising in all aspects of the golf industry.

Working alongside world renowned consultants and therefore helping the customer improve their excisting business or to develop a exciting new one.

Our expertise ranges from golf academies, shops, course conditioning, management, staffing, catering, course design, clubhouse planning, branding through to marketing, selling and development. From small operations to large complexes and resorts.

We have a team of experts to help.

  1. Course Management
  2. Project Management
  3. Course Design
  4. Resort Design
  5. Clubhouse Design
  6. Course Conditioning
  7. Course Renovation
  1. Club Management
  2. Personal Services
  3. Interior Design
  4. Course Construction
  5. Project Finance
  6. Academy & Teaching Services
  7. Sales & Marketing
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