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Coaching Philosophy
Coaching Philosophy

I believe that playing your finest golf means keeping things simple. As a PGA qualified professional coach, utilising the very latest teaching techniques , video swing analysis will help you develop and refine game. The personalised attention in simple to understand focus steps that any golfer can use to improve their swing, short game, strategy and ultimately their score.

Regardless of ability, age or experience. Keeping it simple and easy to understand will take your game to the next level.

Practice and play hard and the rewards will come.

Golfclub Pfalz & Neil Lubbock

Since 2017 I am coaching at GC Pfalz. I am very much looking forward to returning to a place I have been associated with for over 20 years.

  • Private coaching & playing assessments
  • Training programs
  • New swing studio
  • Short game area
Coaching Program
Coaching Program
Private Coaching & Development Packages

Private one to one professional lessons using swing analysis to develop your swing & short game.Development packages to work through all aspects of your game including on course strategy & scoring.

  • Private lessons
    one player 60€ / two players 70€
    40 minutes session
  • Swing analysis
    one player 40€
    25 minutes session
  • Development package
    one player / 6 lessons 299 €
  • Development package
    one player / 12 lessons 599€
  • two players / 12 lessons 650 €
Playing Assessments & Days

On course training to improve your course strategy, score and ultimately your handicap. From 2 sessions to 18 holes on any course in the area. Golf is not just about your good shots but how good your bad ones are that will improve your score on the course.

  • Playing & strategy on course assessment
    1-4 players / p.o.a
  • Playing & strategy days
    1-4 players / p.o.a
Club Fitting & Dynamics

Testing your clubs flex, lie & length before buying a new set or driver. Seeing how to use launch monitors you can improve your game through a greater distance & distance control.

  • Single fitting session
  • Double fitting session
Ladies Group Coaching

Groups designed for ladies to practice together in a fun but professional atmosphere to prepare for your next tournament and ultimately improving your handicap.

  • Ladies master classes
    4-9 players / 90 minutes / p.o.a
    Long game & short game classes
  • Ladies on course training
    1-4 players / p.o.a.
  • Ladies training days
    3-6 players / 6 sessions / p.o.a
Weekend & Evening Group Coaching

Group training for different standards of golfers perfect to improve your long & short games and to prepare for your next tournament and ultimately improving your handicap.

  • Weekend groups
    4-9 players / 2 sessions / p.o.a
    Long & short game courses
  • Weekend training days
    3-6 players / 6 sessions / p.o.a
  • Evening group coaching
    4-9 players / 2 sessions / p.o.a
    Long & short game courses
Junior Coaching

A junior program designed for juniors to practice with PGA coaches in different group formats to develop all aspects of their game in a fun atmosphere.

  • Private training development packages
    2 juniors / 6 sessions / p.o.a
  • Junior development groups
    4 juniors / 10 sessions / p.o.a
  • Junior training weekend
    3-6 juniors / 12 sessions / p.o.a
Company Days

Group classes for companies or groups of friends. Beginners or established golfers, we can design the lesson around your needs. Fun way to learn or practice in a team building atmosphere.

  • The come on course
    One hour course / min. 4 players / p.o.a.
  • The fun course
    90 minutes / min. 4 players / p.o.a.
  • The Olympic course
    180 minutes / min.  4 players / p.o.a.
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